What is the Angel Venture Forum? 

The Angel Venture Forum is an ad hoc group of more than 30 active, experienced angel and venture investors from more than 24 investor groups located across the nation. Each of our colleagues shares a mission to discover, develop, and invest in strong opportunities - as well as provide a commitment to assist the companies in which they invest. Companies are typically early, growth and expansion stage.

Our group's focus and well validated experiences show that companies that have active and collaborative investors who know each other, have previously invested together and who can share resources in addition to capital to help companies grow, will see their investments grow at a faster pace than companies who just seek to raise money alone.

The Angel Venture Forum process makes it easier for companies to meet the highest number of active angel investors in one place over the shortest period of time. 

Watch Angel Venture Forum Founder, Valerie Gaydos, Co-investor Tim Reese and Shark Tank Co-Star, Daymond John discuss how to "date investors" 





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