Eventbrite - Angel Venture Forum (AVF):
         "Venture Intelligence" Series @HeraHub

 "2017 Venture Intelligence" Series


 The Angel Venture Forum is changing the way we meet and screen companies!  Over the past few years, angel investors have been more selective with their investments.  Less than 5% of companies that pitch to investors get the funding they want. However, entrepreneurs who are well educated in the capital formation process have greater chances of success. Participate in AVF and increase your odds.

 Atttend all 6 sessions and learn the following:

  • Exactly what documents to assemble before pitching investors,
  • How to develop and present your financials,
  • Potential exit strategies that ensures you AND the investor wins,
  • How to raise the right kind, size, and type of capital,
  • The best investors to approach depending on your type of business,
  • And much more.  

This series is direct, straightforward, informative and pratical.  Engage with active angel investors who talk about who gets money, how they decide, what's their investment methodology and more. Discover the roadmap of exactly what is needed to close the perfect deal.


Q3: HeraHub, Washington, DC

5028 Wisconsin Ave. Ste 100

Washington, DC  20016

September 13, 20, 27 October 4, 11, 18  

 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Q4:Reston, VA

(dates TBD) 




Eventbrite - Angel Venture Forum (AVF):
         "Venture Intelligence" Series @HeraHub

SESSION: Valuation and Price 

What are you worth and who decides? Structuring and valuing a deal is simultaneously an art and a science. Learn the various methodologies used by investors to value early stage companies. Balance sheet, discounted cash flow, venture capital method, risk factor method. 

Presenter: Valerie Gaydos, Capital Growth, Inc. (Twitter: @angelventures)



SESSION: Executive Summaries & Pitch Decks: 

How to excite investors with a presenation that brings out the information that the investor wants to know in order to invest. Three critical components will be addressed: visual presentation, verbal presentation, and overall experience.  Our presenters will share good and bad examples and leave you with practical tips on how you can make sure investors are paying attention to your company.  

Presenters: Chereee Warwick, The Profit Partner and Cass Bailey, CEO of Slice Communications



SESSION: Term Sheets & Capitalization Tables

The crucial connection for winning exits. Terms sheets and cap table determines who gets rich and who doesn’t. It doesn’t make much sense to get outside capital if you give up too much of your company. But, it also doesn’t make sense not to take outside funding if you have no other way to fund your venture. How to allocate shares to investors, employees or others. 

Presenters: Valerie Gaydos, Capital Growth, Inc.   (Twitter: @angelventures) and Erin Clinton, Esq.. Troy Clinton Law Group, PLLC



SESSION: Leadership & Governance  

Leveraging investors, directors, and advisors for smart growth. Smart leaders surround themselves with smarter people - the most common of which are boards of directors and boards of advisors. Understand the important differences between the two and how to use them most effectively. 

Presenter: Christian Bartley, Faleiro  (Twitter: @rcmbartley)



SESSION: Intellectual Property Protection 

Protecting your most valuable asset for maximum value. The value of patents, copyrights, data security, and trademarks. The greatest value to your company is IP however the laws on IP are continuously changing. How do companies protect their most valuable asset to maintain maximum value.

Presenter: Evan Smith (Twitter: @smithpreneur) Email: esmith@cogentlaw.co Serial Entrepreneur, Electrical Engineeer, Intellectual Property Attorney, Managing Partner of Cogent Law (Twitter: @CogentLG);



SESSION: Financials & Funding

Developing & presenting attractive, solid and believable financial forecasts is the single most important point of reference for your company.  A company without good financials is not an attractive investment no matter how good the technology is. Understanding financing options, staging a smart capital plan for successful growth, getting your financials right and maintaining good reporting habits is critical.  Learn the various financing options, the value of capital and how this relates to the type of financials you prepare. 

Presenter: Valerie Gaydos, Capital Growth, Inc.  (Twitter: @angelventures) and Cheryl Heusser, Snyder Cohn



SESSION: Success Stories/Demos/Pitch Practice before investors (INVITATION ONLY)

For attendees of AVF sessions only.






Eventbrite - Angel Venture Forum (AVF):
         "Venture Intelligence" Series @HeraHub