AVF has a rolling deadline and reviews companies as they are submitted. Companies attending the education sessions are given first priority. If you are interested in raising capital attend some or all of the AVF educational sessions. 

AVF encourages activities and networking opportunities which contribute to long term relationship building between investors and selected entrepreneurs and will be included as part of the application process to reach AVF investors.

Through this unique, ad hoc process, we have found that our group is more efficient in conducting due diligence, getting to know the entrepreneur and rounding up appropriate rounds of capital.

Angel investing takes time and successful companies make sure they get to know their investors just as their investors want to take the time to get to know the companies. Building relationships is crucial. 

For more information about our interests and how we work, please visit  "Who Should Apply" below:

Who Should Apply?

Some of the traits which increase our interest include the following: 

  • Emerging growth companies seeking first of early round of funding totalling less than $3 million.
  • Buyouts and acquisitions under $3 million.
  • While actual current revenue is quite attractive, we do express interest in pre-revenue companies if many other factors are attractive.
  • High growth potential, e.g. expected ROI to be at least 30% or ideally greater than 5-7 times the investment with projected exit in 3-5 years.
  • Experienced, strong, cooperative management team in place with sales experience in the targeted market segments.
  • Well-defined and analyzed segmented market which is large or fast growing.
  • Clear marketing plan including details on distribution channels, positioning, marketing, promotion, and sales.
  • Clear and detailed competitor analysis and unique selling proposition.
  • Understandable proprietary technology. Patents are nice .... but the ability to defend them is nicer!
  • Impressive milestones.
  • Significant investment by management and controlling owners. We like to see that you have skin in your own game!
  • High quality outside advisors and early investors.
  • Clear plan for "Use of Funds."
  • Reasonable, justifiable valuation. We are open to outrageously high valuations as long as you can explain why!


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