While we do provide feedback and tend to spend a lot of time with companies to help them achieve goals as part of the application process, sometimes companies ask us to get more involved. For companies who would like us to take a more active role in their venture, we can offer an additional one-to-one services for a fee. These activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Writing a Practical Business Plan

  • Creating a Tactical Action Plan

  • Hiring a Team of Professionals

  • Managing a Team of Professionals

  • Choosing an Effective Management Team

  • Determining if Funding is needed and if so, how much and when

  • Identifying Sources of Funding

  • Choosing Strategic Partners

  • Negotiating with Strategic Partners

  • Packaging your Business for Funding

  • Presenting your Company Effectively

  • Business Strategy

  • Operations - Establishing Policies and Procedures

  • Assessment - Establishing Milestones and Monitoring Progress

  • Government Relations

  • Patent Application Assistance/USPTO relations

As our time is often limited to working with existing portfolio companies, these services are offered only in limited circumstances. Please feel free to contact us for more information.