About the Angel Venture Forum
Our Mission
We believe that the future of our nation depends on the success of entrepreneurship. We work diligently to ensure that emerging businesses have the feedback, tools and resources to grow. 

Our Unique Approach
 AVF is simply a new and efficient, as well as effective, way to assess and build early stage companies. We pledge to deliver honest assessments, valuations, and frank feedback on companies seeking funding. AVF streamlines the process, both for the investors as well as the entrepreneurs.

All About Results!
  • Average raise per company is $250K (within 6 Months)
  • Average raise per company is $250K (within 6 Months)
  • Companies selected to present at final Showcase raise an average of $2.8M collectively Previous years raised up to a high of $6.2M collectively
  • Representatives of more than 24 angel investor groups (and growing) attend each year
  • Unique opportunity to present to highest number of angel investors in one location
  • Experienced, dedicated, active angel investors seeking opportunities on which to collaborate.
  • Individial angel group follow-on meeting invitations received by 82% of the AVF selected finalists.
  • Fundraising goals reached by 73% of the companies who have gone through AVF.
  • Seasoned investors with up to 30 years experience in angel investing.