The Angel Venture Forum – brings together start-up companies, investors, and support services for the benefit of growth.

 Statistics In Brief:

  • 80+ active investors from across the region participated in one part or another with AVF
  • Investors rate AVF high as having a serious investor and investment focused agenda.
  • More than 75% of AVF finalist companies raise capital from outside investors.
  • 85% of the presenting companies have specifically scheduled follow-up meetings or communications with investors that were connected to them through the AVF.
  • > 40% have been connected to four or more investors through the AVF process. 
  • 70% of the presenting companies rated the AVF as “more effective” in raising capital compared to their participation in other events or with other groups. 

The Entrepreneur Experience

More than 100 participations interviewed. All had a positive experience with the Angel Venture Forum. In particular, companies were pleased with the professionalism of AVF team and participants and the sense that they got an accurate assessment of what investors were looking for. The educational events were well regarded by the entrepreneurs who were able to attend. Many of the entrepreneurs specifically noted that the quality and quantity of investors was higher than at other pitch events. The entrepreneurs found the screening day itself the most valuable part of the process, primarily for the ability to connect directly with key screening investors. 


Investor Meetings: The Follow-On Experience

All entrepreneurs reported follow up meetings with investors, usually three or more meetings or communications

  • The average entrepreneur raised $350,000 coming into AVF, and is looking to raise $600.000 in their current round.
  • More than half of interviewed companies had meetings that resulted in ongoing investor relationships with new investors.
  • Nine (9) companies specifically reported substantive follow-up meetings with active investors.
  • Two (2) of the companies reported that they put their fundraising on hold after the AVF.

Education Events

Six online and in-person educational events attracted 178 attendees. The most popular were around the topics of Leadership and Valuation. They were praised both for helping entrepreneurs with their business models and for helping entrepreneurs understand how to communicate with investors. 

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