How To Prepare For the Angel Venture Forum

The following instructions will help you better prepare to present.

Each finalist company invited to make a presentation will receive a review of their pitch and will be provided with information to be used directly in their slide deck should they choose. Companies are also free to use this information with other prospective investors outside of the AVF or use the information leading up to the AVF Showcase as a means to attract additional investors. 

Presentation Assistance.  As part of the value presented by the Angel Venture Forum, you are eligible for one free hour of presentation coaching.  This will entail a practice session with an experienced coach who wrote the book on creating business plans and giving presentations that actually get funded.  You will be given an opportunity to present, after which you will work together to strengthen your presentation.  Advice will be given on both the content of the presentation as well as how it is presented—both the order of and formatting of the PowerPoint® as well as your personal presentation style.  A proven method for presenting your company’s material will be shared during this important session.  Please contact Cheree Warrick (cheree@theprofitpartner.com).

* Each company will have a total time slot of 15 minutes to make a presentation at the Angel Venture Forum and to answer screener questions. Please keep your PowerPoint presentation to 8 minutes or less with the remaining time left for Q&A.

* Presentations should be in PowerPoint. Please bring your presentation on a flash drive. If you wish to make a presentation from your iPad, please bring all appropriate video adapters with you to ensure compatibility.

* Companies will be assigned a set time to present. When not presenting the company representatives may remain to watch other presentations or network in the main ballroom of exhibits, investors and others in the Press Club.

* The facility provides a computer, screen, and projector. If you need any additional equipment or power cords, please bring them with you.

* Companies will be grouped by industry or segmented based on the preferences of the investors participating.

* To help you present a more prepared pitch, be sure to see our presentation on the most important slides to include in your slide deck. This presentation was provided as part of the AVF Education Series and may be downloaded here:  http://www.angelventureforum.com/id2.html